The evolution of the digital and mobile market has been so significant that it is essential for any company to have a relevant, consistent and innovative digital presence in this environment.

It is important not only to be present, but to know how to adjust to their particularities, getting involved with customers and adding value.

Managing this presence, the established relationships, the results obtained, optimizing it, is something that GLanDrive does for your company, with high competence.

Is your site well positioned?

Evaluate your site’s score according to key points.

What is evaluation used for and how does it work?

The site evaluator is very briefly a complex analysis and diagnostic tool for sites that, based on numerous points in the main categories (SEO, Mobile, Technology, Social and Conversion), generates an overall score ranging from 0 to 100, developed by our partner Paje Speed ​​Insights.

The higher the score, the better the quality of your site and consequently the higher the likelihood that your site will be well positioned in search engine searches.


The search engine optimization (SEO) of your website is a key step in ensuring that your site manages the most genuine traffic.


Make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Mobile is becoming crucial as a result of the popularity of tablets and smartphones.


Make sure your site is technologically advanced and that you take full advantage of existing technologies. Keeping up with technological developments is crucial.


Social networks are a key point for global online presence. Get your site ready to be shared and spoken on social networks.


Ensure that your site has a well-defined goal that works by generating feedback, whether direct or indirect.