Smart IoT

Area dedicated to the “Internet of Things”, with specific solutions of integration and intelligence of device management, (sensorization, intelligence on CCTV, platforms of centralized management “smart IoT”, access control and video surveillance);

GLanDrive positions itself at the forefront of innovation and technology, designing and implementing solutions in the area of ​​the “Internet of Things”. Through its team of consultants and technicians with high Know How and Soft Skills and its network of partnerships, it aims to design solutions that combine integration, reliability and innovation, presenting cost / benefit ratios according to the needs of the client.

We offer solutions applied to several business areas (Retail, Logistics, Agroindustry, Hospitality / Tourism, Education and Care and Senior Health) and ecosystems (“Smart Cities” and “Smart Rural”)

Our solutions enable the following services:

Smart IoT consulting services. (software / infrastructures / devices / communications).
Design / conception, implementation and management of video intelligence (CCTV) solutions in Cloud and On-Premise.
Design / design and implementation of centralized device management platforms. (Sensors; Video surveillance cameras (CCTV), Access Control, Alarms …).
Design / implementation and implementation of data integration / automation device automation solutions for other information management / reporting platforms.