About us

We are a dynamic and innovative company with a multifaceted presence in various sectors of activity.

We inspire business, ensuring the technological needs essential to the sustainability of your company, promoting innovative solutions to increase your visibility and boost your growth.

We act in several areas, in information technologies, either autonomously or in strategic partnerships that can bring added value and better operability to our clients’ projects.

In Graphic Arts with its own structure, we have a diverse offer of printing, from simple business card to book, to decoration of shops, shop windows, vehicles, as well as all services of marketing and graphic design.

In the specialized services of accounting and management control, consulting and preparation and technical-financial monitoring of applications to Portugal 2020, to meet the needs of reduction, rationalization of fixed costs and flexibility of the structure of our customers.

We operate commercially with professional services and through the online store where we have more than 20,000 references of hardware, software and services, representing the biggest IT brands and we are leaders in Apple prices.

We have earned the trust of some of the largest national companies (public and private) and we have been in the market since the year 2010.